Personalised Wallet

mens-walletThe usual cliche of  a man keeping a photo of his loved ones in his wallet is now vanished, as your boyfriend can now have picture on his wallet, courtesy of Always Personal. Always Personal  allow for you to put any picture on your boyfriends wallet at the price of £11.99. You both may have a special picture that you share together, or you might just want to send him a funny picture, whatever you want, you can send.

The Personalised Wallet is the perfect gift for your boyfriend as it is personlised for him and him only. Unlike the usual run of the mill present this wallet will definitely make him feel grateful. Your boyfriends wallet can also be sent to you in days with Always personal’s quick delivery time. All you have to do is upload you photos onto the Always Personal website, and the team will do the rest. You are also able to add text in an array of different fonts and colours in order to surprise your Boyfriend with a cheeky message.

The Personalised wallet is an amazing idea as a special picture to him can be displayed on the outside of his wallet. The price is extremely affordable to all and a brilliant present idea in the lead up to Christmas. The Personalised wallet is made from Faux leather so it will be sturdy and last your boyfriend a long time. You can even put your face on his wallet so he knows his money will be safe.


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Rhino Shield For iPhone 5

p6247_column_grid_12Let face it men can be extremely clumsy, and breakages can happen, however, the iPhone 5 Rhino shield case will ensure that you Iphone won’t get broken in any circumstances.  Iphones can be  extremely fragile and can break when dropped, the repair cost is also not cheap. However, the Rhino case will ensure that your boyfriends phone will not break no matter how far it drops.

The Rhino shield ensures that no mark or damage will be made to your Iphone as it has been tested using hammers and a wide range of different “Hard hitting tools” (such as a hammer.) The Rhino shield can withstand bricks, concrete or any  rugged material, so if your boyfriend does drop his phone it will be completely undamaged.

Th Rhino shield is also easy to apply and no bubbles or air pockets will appear when applied. The Rhino case is also pretty much invisible so your boyfriend wont even know that it is on there. The Rhino case is also scratch resistant so no marks will be visible on your boyfriends phone.

This gift is extremely practical as the Rhino case is will protect your boyfriends phone from any damage. This gift is also extremely reasonably priced at £17.99. This price can save your boyfriend hundreds of pounds in repairs at such a small cost.

Overall, the Rhino Case for Iphone 5 is an extremely useful gift. The gift makes a wonderful stocking filler for Christmas and will definitely please your boyfriend.


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300 foot Bungee Jump

UZAAA_1  If your boyfriend is a thrill seeker then this is definitely the present for him. Red Letter days are offering the chance for people to jump of a crane at 300 feet. This is the perfect opportunity for your boyfriend to put his fear behind him and jump. Your boyfriend will free fall and feel as though nothing can stop him whilst jumping off the crane. Video footage of the jump will also be shown so you can tease your boyfriend about it for weeks on end.

The bungee jump takes place on specific weekends. Jumpers over 50 need to show a medical certificate in order to participate. High winds and heavy rain may play a part in whether the event will go ahead as planned, and if your boyfriend wear glasses then it is important that they are removed during the jump.

This present is definitely a change from a normal present and if your boyfriend is a a thrill seeker then this is definitely worth buying your boyfriend. The bungee jump is a once in a lifetime experience and is definitely worth you buying your thrill seeking boyfriend this exhilarating gift.

The gift is available at Red Letter Days and for the price of £120 the gift is definitely an amazing gift for your boyfriend.

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Waka Waka Solar Powered Lamp and Charger

p6144_column_grid_12If your boyfriend’s phone is always running out of battery then the perfect gift has arrived. The Waka Waka solar powered lamp is purely ran on the power of the sun and will enable your boyfriend to charge his phone in any situation. The device also acts as a lamp so your boyfriend is able to do some bed time reading whilst you get some shut eye.

The device is equipped with a solar cell that enables for the device last for a jaw dropping 40 hours. This will provide your boyfriend with a serious amount of light. The Waka Waka solar powered lamp and charger is also extremely handy for your boyfriend. The charger will enable you boyfriend to get out of some sticky situations as he is able to charge his phone on demand. There are always occasions when your phone runs out of battery so why not help your boyfriend prevent this by getting him the solar panel.

This gift is extremely practical and a brilliant gift to get for your boyfriend in the lead up to Christmas or a Birthday. The device also comes prepared with a LED Battery indicator so your boyfriend will be able to see how close the battery is to dying.

There is no doubt that this device is powerful and certainly provides a great practical service that will help your boyfriend in annoying situations. This product comes at the price of £59.99 which may seem a lot, however, the technology is extremely powerful and effective making this the perfect boyfriend gift.



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Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Kit

12084_1Shaving is a hassle for all men. The monotonous trek to the bathroom clearly gets on your boyfriends nerves and is the worse thing (especially first thing in the morning.) However,  the Bluebeard revenge shaving kit will resolve all of you boyfriends shaving problems making him actually want to shave.

The Bluebeard shaving kit comes equipped with beard reducing shaving cream so your boyfriend will be able to get rid of access facial hair, a luxurious Doubloon brush to ensure that he has applied all over, and moisturizing balm to ensure that your boyfriend’s skin is nice and smooth post shave. Anti perspirant is also included in the kit so you boyfriend will feel fresh, clean and ready for the day ahead. There will be no more grumpy boyfriend after this resulting in less stress for you.

This kit is excellent for any boyfriend as the hassle of shaving is made easier. The Bluebeard shaving kit is a great piece of kit and makes a perfect stocking filler this Christmas. The shaving kit is available at Prezzybox and is definitely a recommended gift. The gift is available form Prezzybox and is definitely a gift that will put a smile on your boyfriends face.

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Jukebox Dock Bluetooth

p5227_column_grid_12If your boyfriend loves music then this is the perfect gift for him. This Jukebox Dock will have you boyfriend dancing about like he is in the 1950′s.

This dock has an amazing style and it will really add style to your boyfriend as he dances about to his tunes. The dock is compatible with Bluetooth gadgets and creates an excellent stereo sound as well as charging your boyfriends device for him. The Jukebox Dock also includes wire which will enable for your boyfriend to plug the jukebox in.

The look of the docking station is extremely retro and definitely a great asset to this gift. The vintage feel mixed with the modern technology sends you back into time.

The neon lighting also a great plus point to this product. The lighting will really get your boyfriend in the mood for partying as the jukebox creates an array of different colours to add to the products 1950′s style. The Jukebox is also great for any parties that take place. The Jukebox will add atmosphere to almost any party and will get everyone on their feet. Another plus point about this product is unlike a real jukebox this one doesn’t take your money.

Overall, this product will make an excellent gift for your boyfriend. The Jukebox will make him feel as though he is out before he is even ready. This gift is an excellent present to give to your boyfriend whether it be for Christmas or a birthday .

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Brewery Tour for Two

ALETA_1If your boyfriend loves his ale then this is the perfect gift. Your boyfriend will be able to see how the perfect beer is made with this amazing gift. Your boyfriend will be see how ale is actually made and of course a sampling session. The Brewery will enable for your boyfriend to look at the vast amount of different beers available at an award winning brewery.

The Brewery tour is for two people so you or your boyfriends mate could go with him to enjoy the amazing taste that the brewery has produced. The employees at the brewery take a lot of pride in their work and your boyfriend will definitely enjoy the experience of tasting the selection of beer available.

The tour also includes a pub lunch or a set of ales to take home, so your boyfriend will be spoil for choice. The tour last s for 30 minutes and the reviews are very insightful with many stating that the pub is definitely a wonderful “insightful” place to visit.  Other reviews have stated that the beer tasting is “Excellent- the pub was very friendly and welcoming.”

The Brewery tour is definitely a great tour for you boyfriend to partake in as he will be able to learn more about the thing he loves most. The tour is available exclusively to Red Letter Days, in a variety of locations, and at the price of £60, nothing can be better. Overall, the tour is an excellent present for your boyfriend and with Christmas coming up, nothing could be better.

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Mr Tea Mug

MRTEAIf your boyfriend is a massive fan of the A-team, then the Mr Tea mug is the cup to get.  There is nothing that is better than having a favourite mug and the Mr Tea mug, might just be that for your boyfriend. The A team mug will definitely pleased your boyfriend and with metal sovereign themed handles, your boyfriend definitely “Aint playing around”.

The mug comes also comes equip with bullet holes so your boyfriend will feel as though he has been in the heat of the action. However, there is no need to worry as the holes are purely decorational and it is guaranteed that your boyfriends beverage wont leak.  The mug is dishwasher safe and holds approximately 300ml and at the price of £6.95 there is plenty enough reason to get the gift for your boyfriend.

The Mr Tea mug makes a perfect present for Christmas or any Birthday. The present is stylish and something different to any normal cup. The cup is available at and is an excellent gift for your boyfriend. The cup is available in both standard and express delivery (don’t worry it wont smash through the door,) and the gift will most definitely put a smile on your boyfriends face. There is no doubt that the Mr Tea mug is a great boyfriend gift.

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Block Desk Clock

block-desk-clock-greyThe block desk clock is a great gift to buy your boyfriend if he spend a lot of time at work. The block clock is a great gift as your boyfriend is able to have a tangible way of telling the time when he is at work or if he is at home.

The block clock is made from powder coated steel and is a great tool and decoration for any desk. The block clock tells the time using negative space in between the numbers. The amazing feature about this clock is the bright yellow hour hand displaying the hour. Instead of a normal hand on the clock, the hour hand if filled in which creates a modern, futuristic way of telling the time. However, the clock does have a minute hand so telling the time is easy enough.

The clock is available in both orange and green and the futuristic look of the clock creates a wonderful look for any office. The clock is exclusive to Red Candy and at the price of £24.00 the clock provides phenomenal value. The clock is an excellent present for your boyfriend especially if he is rubbish at telling the time. This is an excellent gift to get especially with Christmas around the corner. This gift is brilliant and will add to the look of your boyfriends room especially if it has a modern style. There is no doubt that the Block Clock is an excellent boyfriend gift.

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p6068_column_grid_12Everyone has to agree that there is nothing better than a hot tea or coffee in the morning. Whether your boyfriend or yourself is getting up, a hot beverage can help you start your day on a high.  However, the monotonous journey to the kitchen can be hard, especially first thing in the morning.  However, this is made easier with the first ever iKettle available to pre-order from Firebox.

The iKettle is an amazing gadget and one that makes an excellent gift. The iKettle will allow your boyfriend to boil the kettle wherever and whenever at home without having to move a muscle. There is no doubt that getting up in the morning is an unbelievable chore, however, with the iKettle your boyfriend will be woken up with the option of the kettle being boiled, which cant be bad.

Whether you boyfriend is at work, or busy at home he is able to control the kettle by simply opening the app and getting the kettle on. Even if you boyfriend is a hot drinks connoisseur he will still be able to enjoy the iKettle, as there are a variety of different temperatures to choose from. Whether your boyfriend wants a brew at 80 degrees, or 95 degrees he is able to choose what temperature suits him the best.

There is no doubting that the iKettle is a grade A present and your boyfriend will not be able to go back once he has used the iKettle. The iKettle is exclusively available to pre-order from Firebox and is expected to be released at the end of November, so what are you waiting for!

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